More protests planned over Confederate statue Saturday. So, some perspective from a former Pittsboro mayor

With protests again expected Saturday in Pittsboro over the removal – or existence – of the Confederate monument downtown, we thought it important to give context to the issue with some history from the former mayor of the town, Randy Voller, with a video. Voller, who also runs the Chatham County Line, knows the arguments for removing it. For some, it’s a symbol of the slavery that so scarred North Carolina and much of the South and country, and the racism that still shows itself today through white-power movements. The pro-statue side would say it has nothing to do with race or slavery because the Civil War was more about taxation, states rights and the agricultural economy. The monument’s place is there, they say, at the foot of the historic courthouse in Pittsboro.

Meet Chatham’s Jody Moore, master beekeeper who signals warnings for bees, climate.

Jody Moore, a master beekeeper, keeps a local business in Chatham County, and he has amassed 40 hives since he began beekeeping in 2000. But it’s not all good news that Moore gives as he discusses his business, how it grew and the current threats. With the introduction of European, African and Asian bees into the United States, illnesses are spreading between hives like never before. Parasitic mites are among the more common issues affecting bee colonies in Chatham County. Local beekeepers, he says, should keep a lookout by doing consistent mite checks. 

With climate change, other species of bees, including Africanized bees, may be able to spread north — into the Carolinas.

Growing arts in Chatham as budgets drop

It is no secret that public education lacks funding. This doesn’t just mean fewer school supplies and lower teacher salaries, but big program cuts as well. Music and drama have taken heavy hits over the last 10 years. However, the slack is being picked up by community members who are passionate about arts education. Take Center For The Arts in Pittsboro.