You Asked, We Answered: What is the status of nuclear waste storage at Shearon Harris power plant?

This week, we’re heading to the power plant off of Shearon Harris Road, and it’s all thanks to Our Chatham subscriber Billy Cummings. He asked, “What is status of nuclear waste storage at Shearon Harris? How effective are local emergency management plans?”

Shearon Harris power plant. (Chloe Arrojado/Our Chatham)

What is Nuclear Waste, Anyways? Nuclear waste, also known as radioactive waste, refers to the
radioactive leftovers of a nuclear reaction.

Pittsboro Board of Commissioners Meeting Notes, Nov. 26

Documenter name: Chloe Arrojado
Title of meeting: Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners Regular Meeting
Date: November 26, 2018
Agency/Organization hosting the event: Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners
Start Time: 7:03 P.M.
Number of people in attendance (not including officials): 16

List names and titles of officials:

Town Clerk Alice F. Lloyd
Town Attorney Paul S. Messick Jr.
Town Manager Bryan L. Gruesbeck
Commissioner Jay Farrell
Commissioner Bett Wilson Foley
Commissioner Michael A. Fiocco
Mayor Cindy S. Perry
Mayor Pro Tem Pamela Baldwin
Commissioner John Bonitz (Not Present)

Citizens’ Matters:

Pittsboro resident Caroline Townsend spoke about the flooding from Roberson Creek on US Highway 15-501 near the area of her home. She said that the flooding has caused damage worth thousands of dollars in surrounding homes. Pittsboro resident Wayne Britt commended environmental efforts from Chatham Park. Britt said that he lives in the middle of the development and found that Chatham Park consistently meets or exceeds state standards. Updates:

Town Manager Bryan L. Gruesbeck gave updates about different town issues.

How did Chatham County get its name?

William Pitt was the 1st Earl of Chatham, and so popular among American colonists that he had 18 different places in the United States named after him. Pittsboro, N.C., is perhaps the only place in the United States named after his son.