Does Siler City Elementary need more ESL teachers?

Tucked away in the hills of rural North Carolina is Siler City Elementary, a dual-language school in which students spend half of their day learning in Spanish and the other half learning in English. And yet, the school only has seven English Second Language (ESL) teachers — educators that specialize in teaching English to students that are non-native English speakers. 
Out of 673 total students in the school, 418 are Latino, and 268 are ESL students. The ESL teacher-to-student ratio is 1-to-38. ESL Teacher Angelica Binkowsky instructs all fourth-grade students in the program. In addition, she works with multiple grade levels for SCE’s intervention program, which involves dividing classrooms into small groups in order to provide a personalized learning experience.

Curious about development and water qualty? You Asked. We Answered.🔍

Fearrington resident Dianne Birch has walked along a creek near her house for years and said she noticed the creek’s banks eroding quickly and waters becoming murky. Dianne asked us to look into who is monitoring the erosion and water quality of these waterways, and if the clear-cutting of trees for the Briar Chapel construction sites off route 15-501 have anything to do with these ecological changes.