Pittsboro Board of Commissioners Meeting Notes, Nov. 26


Documenter name: Chloe Arrojado
Title of meeting: Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners Regular Meeting
Date: November 26, 2018
Agency/Organization hosting the event: Pittsboro Board Of Commissioners
Start Time: 7:03 P.M.
Number of people in attendance (not including officials): 16

List names and titles of officials:

  • Town Clerk Alice F. Lloyd
  • Town Attorney Paul S. Messick Jr.
  • Town Manager Bryan L. Gruesbeck
  • Commissioner Jay Farrell
  • Commissioner Bett Wilson Foley
  • Commissioner Michael A. Fiocco
  • Mayor Cindy S. Perry
  • Mayor Pro Tem Pamela Baldwin
  • Commissioner John Bonitz (Not Present)

Citizens’ Matters:

Pittsboro resident Caroline Townsend spoke about the flooding from Roberson Creek on US Highway 15-501 near the area of her home. She said that the flooding has caused damage worth thousands of dollars in surrounding homes.

Pittsboro resident Wayne Britt commended environmental efforts from Chatham Park. Britt said that he lives in the middle of the development and found that Chatham Park consistently meets or exceeds state standards.


Town Manager Bryan L. Gruesbeck gave updates about different town issues. He talked about guiding the Triangle J Board on the problem of broadband and access to broadband. He also said that recycling services are expected to increase in price for their services. The Town is probably not going to face the price increase in this fiscal year.

Old Business:

The Board of Commissioners initially talked about the request for Town Support for the Chatham Parkway Road Project with Chatham Park Investors and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). The letter of support needs to be sent by the end of this week. Chatham Park is willing to contribute $9M for the development of Chatham Parkway. After completion of the project, the NCDOT would allocate $4.5M from the $9M back to Pittsboro for other projects according to the Town’s discretion. Chatham Park investors are requesting that the town allocate the $4.5M to other projects in Chatham Park.

Planner Matt Day said that if the Board of Commissioners were to vote against a letter of support, the $4.5M would be unavailable.

“Unless I’m missing something, the $4.5 million doesn’t exist unless $9 million goes in.”

-Commissioner Michael A. Fiocco

Mayor Pro Tem Pamela Baldwin suggested that the Board of Commissioners provide a letter of support but get clarification about the $4.5M because there have been several different responses from the NCDOT regarding the matter.

“The NCDOT will change. They will change in no time. They will say they’re going to do this, and then they’re going to do something else. I’ve seen them do that on several occasions. So we need clarification from the NCDOT on specifically what they’re talking about.”

– Pamela Baldwin, Mayor Pro Tem

Day said that the letter of support does not need to specify what the $4.5M will be used for; it simply states that the $9M will be provided. A motion was passed to approve the letter of support.

The next item on the agenda was a discussion about the Chatham Park Master Plan text amendment for the additional element of Public Facilities. Planning Director Jeff Jones talked about the latest draft of the element that was revised last Tuesday. Jones said that there appears to be some effort to meet the comments of the Town Staff regarding water supply, sanitary sewers, and the Parks and Recreation section of the document. Chatham Park representative Chuck Smith explained various changes of the element.

The Board of Commissioners discussed the possibility of a public works site on park land. Commissioner Bett Wilson Foley wanted more protection for park property from the possibility of a public works site. Chatham Park representatives and the Board of Commissioners agreed to add this sentence to the document — “The proposed public works site shall not be located on a public parks site.”

What’s next:

The next Board of Commissioners regular meeting will located in the Pittsboro Town Hall on Monday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m.

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