Siler City Board of Commissioners Meeting — Nov. 5, 2018


Title of meeting: The Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the town of Siler City Regular Session
Agency/Organization hosting the event: Siler City Board of Commissioners
Start Time: 7 p.m.
Number of people in attendance (not including officials): 7

List of officials in attendance:

  • Mayor John Grimes
  • District 1 Commissioner Tony Siler
  • Mayor Pro Tem, District 2 Commissioner Larry Cheek
  • District 4 Commissioner William “Bill” Haiges
  • District 5 Commissioner Lewis Fadely
  • Town Manager Bryan Thompson
  • At-Large Commissioner Thomas “Chip” Price III
  • At-Large Commissioner Cindy Bray

Absent: District 3 Commissioner Michael Constantino


The Board of Commissioners recognized Louise Adcock for her work on the ABC Board.

The Board of Commissions introduced Nancy Hannah as the new Grants Administrator of Siler City.

The Meeting:

The Siler City Board of Commissioners initially discussed the ongoing application for the expansion of the Hampton Village Mobile Home Park. Planning Director Jack Meadows brought up the issue of access points for the Mobile Home Park. One entrance in use now is from 1998 when the project was approved.

Meadows asked if the town was okay to rely on the fire code for the need a second access point or to address it through stricter regulation than the fire code. The board agreed that the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) will mirror state statute of the fire code.

Meadows also briefly talked about the need for a traffic light or similar improvement at the intersection of Alston Bridge Road and Pony Farm Road due to traffic accidents and visibility issues.

The Siler City Board of Commissioners also discussed the purchase of a property on Alston Bridge Road across from Bray Park. Non-profit organization Chatham Trades currently owns the property. The Parks and Recreation department would use the space as office space and event space. Some of the commissioners said that the property would need significant repairs. The commissioners agreed to offer $275,000 to open discussion with Chatham Trades.

“It’s nice to have because it’s already there, but does that buy us five years or would we be better off building a building that’s gonna see thirty or forty years lifespan?”- District 4 Commissioner William Haiges

Governing Body Comments:

At-Large Commissioner Cindy Bray requested that the town of Siler City gives each employee a ham or turkey for Christmas.

“Something to show them that we appreciate them and we value them.”- At-Large Commissioner Cindy Bray


The next Siler City Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Monday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. in the courtroom at the Siler City City Hall.

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