“One Chatham” community forum brings Chatham’s east and west together

a diverse community that spans over 700 square miles, Chatham
County residents seemed connected, communicative and ready to brainstorm
solutions at the “One Chatham” community forum held Wednesday in Pittsboro. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues of economic development, housing and disparity across the county. The Chatham News + Record partnered with Our Chatham to host the event, and a panel of five community leaders helped facilitate the conversation: Alyssa Byrd, Tami Schwerin, Stephanie Watkins-Cruz, Paul Cuadros and Susan Levy. Bill Horner III, publisher of the Chatham News + Record, served as the panel’s moderator. The panelists at One Chatham from left to right: Alyssa Byrd, Paul Cuadros, Susan Levy, Tami Schwerin, and Stephanie Watkins-Cruz.